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Hola, I'm Rebecca, aka Becca and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, no you don't need a passport to get here (seriously one of Riley's buddies in Phoenix thinks that if he visits us he needs to get a passport first, true story). I've lived here for as long as I can remember but I was born in San Diego, my dad was a sailor. We lived in Beeville, TX for a while too and that's where my brother and sister were born, but if you ask any of us, we're true blue New Mexicans.

I'm married to the most wonderful man. We met online, kind of icky huh, but seriously it was on accident. We weren't on a website looking for love we were in Albuquerque MSN chat room. I was chatting with a friend from school and he was chatting with buddies too. I could see what he was writing and he made me laugh so I commented and well we've been together ever since. That was in 2003 and here we are, been together 8 years married 5 come July 26th! Yay for us!

Christmas 2003, our first one together and the first Christmas gift he ever gave me, a hot air balloon ride
And here is the little green bean that changed my life forever. My beautiful Maria Anne, born January 21st, 2009! She is so smart, so funny, and so defiant, quite a mind of her own. She has hair the color of a white hot sun, deep blue eyes and a smile like no other. She's just so bright and shiny. I love her like no other. She truly is a gift from God and I'm taking care of her like he handed her to me personally. She's just that precious. I want to be a better person for her!

And then there's me. I started this blog because I want to be a writer. I want to leave my daughter with a legacy she can be proud of. This blog is for me, a vent, a therapist, a place to write and be heard. I will post short stories, pictures, and blurbs about my life as a working mother, an inept crafter, being on Weight Watchers, being a mother, about my daughter and my hubby, and anything thing else I want.

I hope you enjoy my blog, the more I write the better I get.

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