Monday, August 8, 2011

Ode to IKEA

IKEA how I love thee, your furniture so crisp and clean,

Your Swedish fare delicious and showroom lighting fixtures all abeam.

You had me at gravy covered meatballs for 1.99,

I didn’t share, not even with my child, because they were all mine.

Your catalogue is now a permanent fixture in my home,

Come next year my IKEA collection will have grown.

White couch, no problem; just throw it in the wash,

Coming out bright and white will have me proclaiming OH MY GOSH!

My love for you only grows as we are so far apart,

My love for you will never waver for you are always in my heart.

Don’t judge me!
IKEA is quite the experience and opening weekend just adds to that experience. We got there an hour early, lined up at the elevator to take us to the cafĂ©, we needed to power up before we power shopped, we had delicious Swedish meatballs, with mashed potatoes, gravy and even a little bit of breakfast foods. And as soon as 10:00 came around we were ready to go. We hit the showroom floor and were in awe the entire time, well maybe I was more in awe than Riley or Maria were but I must stop here and acknowledge how great they both were, Maria was strapped in her stroller and Riley pushed her the entire time, they just followed me all the around the place. When we got to the couches I was so happy because that’s the reason we were there to buy our couch, our anniversary gift to each other. So Riley sees the couch and he immediately sits down and the look on his face was pure terror for me. He looked uncomfortable, and just not happy at all and then when he saw the terrorized look on my face he got a big smile and said just kidding I love it and then I proceeded to punch him. He said it was so comfortable and that he really liked the white, then he told me to try the chair out, but we’re not here for a chair, well just try it and I did and I fell in love and he saw it. So we wrote down all the info we needed to pick up the couch and proceeded to shop, well I had filled up a huge IKEA bag with tons of stuff and when we got to the dining tables and chairs Riley said he needed a break so we sat down and reevaluated our purchase and that’s when Riley said do you want all this other stuff or the chair and I immediately said the chair, so we finished up looking around and headed to checkout. We bought the couch and the chair and are so freaking happy with both, seriously we are in love and the couches are loving us back, they don’t want to let go, and when we get up they’re so sad and they call us back to them and then we sit and they envelop us in comfort. Even Maria is in love with them, I caught her talking on her little calculator turned phone and she said the cutest thing while pushing her little grocery cart and tilting her head as if to hold the phone with her shoulder “Oh yeah and the couch is so purty and the chair too!” It was so adorable and it made me laugh so much. She’s all about the chair, she has claimed it and we’re not allowed to sit in it, I like to call it her throne. So there you have it, we are officially fans of IKEA furniture and will definitely be buying more, which means more trips to Denver or jut biting the bullet and paying the shipping charges.

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