Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our First Paint Job - Success!

I know it's been a while since I last posted but I have good reason, I wanted the living room to be as put together as possible so I could provide a whole slew of pictures and with that let the show begin!

I love how Ektorp and his chubby little friend pop with the green (Mother Nature from Behr). There's my Maria Tortilla to the left, she loves that I put her books in a basket.
I love the way the white, dark wood, and green all play off each other. I'm trying to find a spot for my birdcage but for now it'll sit on the floor. I do have a couple of little birdies sitting around the room so I figured the birdcage would finish the theme.
My brother gave me this artwork years ago but I never got around to hanging it until I discovered the Hercules hook. They are awesome and now my picture looks beautiful against the green walls!

I still need to work on my shelves but I did use the white IKEA frames my mom gave me and they really pop. I'm thinking about replacing all the frames with white ones or just spray painting the ones I have.
We tried to do all the cutting in ourselves but we screwed it up so we paid a guy to come do it for us, he had a taller ladder and he was a pro and for 80 bucks it was worth not falling! I do plan on turning the fan blades to the darker side to match the rest of the furniture.
She loves this little nook! Okay back to the living room; I can see where we need to do some touch ups on this section of the wall. We used a can and a half of paint and used the second can for touch ups but we missed a few as you can tell. It's funny you can only see it with the flash of the camera.

The Before Pics:
Pretty blah huh, too plain for me and after living in the house for over 3 years I needed a change.
The dark wood worked okay with the light walls but the stars of the room did not, the couch and chair just didn't pop the way I wanted them to.
We had to tackle some wall repair before we started painting, which was fairly easy with some textured patches from Home Depot.
Getting ready to paint!
Isn't it a pretty color!!
With curved walls it was hard to determine where to stop. We decided to paint the curve and it turned out great!!
The Screw Ups!!
This is what happens when you get roller happy at 2 in the morning! (Our outlets are vertical, just didn't rotate the picture)
Problems: the tape pulled the paint, which means we probably didn't let it dry completely and we suck at cutting in!
We forgot to put the tape in this area and just went for it and well you know how the story ends. (didn't rotate pic) Everything has been fixed by a professional!
So there you have it, the After, Before, and the middle (This will probably be how my first book goes too... lol)

So there are still a few things to do:
  • Get curtains (white)
  • Paint frames white that will go on the shelves for a pop effect
  • Get an area rug for the center of the room right in front my Ektorp
  • Add green and white accents around the room
  • Clean up desk behind couch. We really just need a filing cabinet.
  • Get a shelf with doors to hide all our DVDs, games, etc. (Right now they're in a bin behind Ektorp.
Next is the dining room and kitchen, but we're gonna have the same guy, who came out to do the edging, do these rooms for us. For a 150 bucks and we buy the paint, sounds pretty good to me!!

So there's our first paint job, Riley and I rocked it with a few bumps in the road.

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  1. It looks great Becca! And that sounds like a great deal on your paint guy too!

  2. Thanks so much Alison!! It is a great deal and he and his wife are super nice. I can give you their website if you're interested!

  3. It's amazing how color changes the whole feel. We recently did a major paint job in our house. You'll see if you come to Olivia's bday party in September. I love your new living room!

  4. Carolyn. it looks so much more amazing in person.... you are definately hired to help when i get my own house...

  5. Marina: We'll be at her party!! Can't wait to see the paint colors you chose, I need inspiration for the dining room and kitchen!

    Carolyn: Thanks so much and it was so nice to have you over!!

    Kat: Thank you!!

  6. I love the shade of green that you chose for your room. It really does make your woodwork and furniture pop. Can't wait to see what else you're going to do.

  7. Love, love, love the green! Funny, too, cuz it wouldn't be my choice in MY living room.....until now! My daughter did a wall in her living room in a similar green and it REALLY popped. Now I find myself rethinking my taste in color after seeing yours! Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks! (and they said it couldn't be done!)

  8. It looks great becca, I noticed you said white curtain, I think you should go for patterned green and white patterns of some sort. I did notice you did not shave much patterns. But if you are not a fan of patterns, what I saw it looks beautiful.

  9. @imklvr: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was so afraid, but I just decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. I usually go towards very safe neutral colors but I thought why couldn't green be my neutral, and here it is, the star of the show!! I'm so glad I couldn't push you a little out of your comfort zone!!

    @Anon: Patterns are a fantastic idea and you're absolutely right, I really need a patterned curtain. I actually found a stencil I want to try and some old walmart curtains I have, I'll keep you all posted!!